Facts to know about Dry Needling

1. Dry Needling helps to reduce trigger points. Trigger points are basically tight bands of skeletal muscle that can occur in multiple locations inside of larger muscle groups. Some people refer to them as "knots" and can be very tender when you touch or press them. They can also refer pain to other areas of your body. Dry needling is used to help reduce the tension in the muscle and improve pain. 

2. Trigger point locations. They can occur at multiple locations from your neck and upper shoulders to your low back. But there are many problems that needling can help including:

                    Shoulder pain - Headaches - Knee pain - Low back pain - Calf pain - Hip pain

3. Dry Needling helps to promote healing. When the needling is inserted and creates a tiny lesion in the tissue this helps promote blood flow and healing to that area.

4. Dry Needling is not Acupuncture. The two philosophies are different. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and focuses on Meridian nerve treatments and balancing the flow of energy in the body and Dry Needling is based on Western Medicine.

5. There is no medication using Dry Needling. There's  no solution/medication on the needle.