Blood Sugar & Weight Loss


Why is Blood Sugar so Important?


 It is the primary fuel source for the brain along with oxygen. If you remember from earlier, I mentioned that brain imbalances have an impact on the ability to lose weight, and this is one of the things that causes problems with the brain.


     We all know that improper blood sugar regulation can possibly lead to diabetes. Clearly, most diabetics have a problem of being over-weight. Here is a little secret though, you do not have to have full blown diabetes to say that poor blood sugar control is part of the problem when trying to lose weight. There are several other problems that represent poor blood sugar control.

·        Insulin resistance

·        Hypoglycemia

·        Reactive Hypogycemia


     The optimal range for proper blood sugar levels is between 80-100. This the target range I like to see for optimal health. On another note, blood sugar issues are the #1 stressor in the body and remember stress can impact the adrenal glands. So if you are wanting to be healthy and actually attain your realistic weight loss goals then blood sugar needs to be addressed.