Liver & Weight Loss



The Liver’s Connection To Increased Weight


     The liver is our bodies major filtration system. Just like a water filter in your house, it is used to clean up all the garbage and leave a healthy or clean environment. If your filter is broken or full of junk it won’t be able to do its job. On top of this, the liver a very important organ when it comes to hormone metabolism. As I previously mentioned the thyroid gland produces an abundance of T4 hormone which is converted to the active form (T3) in other areas of the body, the liver is one of the major key players in the equation.


     Here are the major problems that prevent you from losing weight because of liver dysfunction. First off, the liver begins to lose its ability to efficiently filter out the junk in bodies. When this happens there becomes a back of harmful substances called toxins. Since are body is so intelligent, it created a way to deal with this overload of toxins. IT CREATES MORE FAT CELLS! It creates fat cells to have a place for excess toxins to be stored so that they do not harm your body, at least for the time being. Where do we get the excess toxins from:

·        Processed foods

·        Detergents, Shampoos

·        Environment

·        Hormone Replacement


     If the liver continues to be overworked by filtering out toxins it begins to decrease overall function. It basically becomes sluggish and tired to put it simply. Not only does it play a role in thyroid hormone metabolism but essentially every hormones metabolism. It makes a little substance called cholesterol. High cholesterol is often times linked to poor liver function as a response to local or systemic inflammation. I look at cholesterol a major indicator of inflammation.  One of the signs of inflammation is “swelling,” along with pain, redness, and heat.


     So what is the answer to this problem? Proper investigation must be done to help decrease toxins and address the inflammatory conditions of the body, thus providing successful weight loss goals.